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Sailing late in the afternoon

Wasabi is rounding the last mark during a beer can race. Just another beautiful evening on Lake Travis.
Current Speed record
April 2000: 16.2 Knots
April 1998: 14.2 Knots

The sails http://www.bartlettsails.com/
Only 6 sails on board which makes the boat very simple to handle.
All the sails were designed and are maintained by our very own local sailmaker, John Bartlett.

The Main Sail: This one is always up and there are no options to reduce the size. In theory a reef could be taken but this has never been done and would require additional equipment.

The Jib: This is a self tacking sail making the job of the crew very simple

The Genoa (Also called the drifter): This sail is almost never used. It is for sell and was only used twice in drifting conditions.

The Runner (Also called the big chute). A large spinnaker with plenty of sail area to make the boat fast downwind.

The Reacher (Also called the small chute). A smaller spinnaker to be used in reaching conditions

11M One design Class http://www.11metreclass.org/
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