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At some point of time, these were very regular members of the crew

Richard Russell

If it is in front of the mast. Let Richard take care of it.
Richard unfortunately for us left the Austin area. He is now living in Seattle.

Fernando Lopez

Found on Wasabi when he is not on his Windsurfer
Fernando wants to move to Hawai. Will accept any job offer.
Has now moved to Houston. He got the H right but claims that windsurfing in Houston is not as good as in Hawai

Shane Dufaur

New Zealand
Famous quote: "New Zealand girls are beautiful, smart and funny"
Shane has returned to New Zealand after enjoying a few months in Koweit.

Tony Ellis

Will spin on the deck (clockwise) when he is very happy.Tony has returned to Tasmania.

Umit Aytac

Umit has left the US :-(


Famous quote: Nothing like a clean bottom and a good start. According to Polly this applies to both life and sailing.
Polly now lives in Dallas.
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