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Subject: Re: Thanks!
Posted On: Aug 20, 2002, 1:30:40 PM
User photograph Shane Dufaur

I am sorry you did not meet Tony and myself earlier, but I assure you that in time, you will be proven wrong!

Come sailing anytime you can, and remember the happy-meter is best kept above 8, and not the 1-2 you seem to enjoy!


> Just wanted to thank the Wasabi captain and crew for having me
> as a guest twice now, you're all great fun to sail with! I'm
> sorry I hadn't met Tony and Shane sooner, but I'm glad I got
> the chance. Good luck to you both in your travels. I hope to
> continue to be a welcome guest on Wasabi.
> Regards,
> Renee Ruais
> p.s. Nice site!
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Renee M Ruais
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2002-08-19 20:00:19
Philippe Herve
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2002-08-21 11:07:53
Shane Dufaur
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2002-08-20 13:30:40
Renee M Ruais
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2002-08-21 12:18:33

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