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2nd Race day Summer serie

Another beautiful day on the lake. 15 knots of wind and enough sun to keep us smiling without the sun burns. The crew was composed of John, Herve, Gretchen, Philippe and we were joined by Renee and Herve's friend Taichiro from Japan who was on his first sailing experience.

The day started in front of the result board where we learned that last week we got disqualified on the first race while Red who had not left the dock won the race and neither the Stiletto nor the Viper were shown as having raced. Obviously something went wrong which will need to be corrected later in the day.

I had met Renee in the parking lot who was not showing too much enthusiasm in sailing her laser so after a quick check with the captain, she became part of the team.

The first race was E4=E-B-K-E-B-K-f. We had a nice start and rounded E in front of the fleet. We stretched a little bit our lead to B and to the U-Float marina where we popped the chute and looked at the competition disappearing in the background. John was handling the spinnaker on this close reach and a couple of time it was not clear who was going to win the battle but the chute never flapped as we recorded 11.6 Kt and we rounded K with a huge lead. The second lap was a repeat of the first one and we won this race thanks to a flawless crew work. Gretchen was awesome on the front deck and announced that Richard would have to arm wrest her if he wanted his position back !!!

The second race looked great and the course was set for E-K-E-K-f. An other nice start and a great first leg which should have put us in front of the fleet. Looking below the main for Claude J-80 did not show him. Where was he? Who is this crossing way in front of us? Claude. How did he get there? Looks like our great first leg may have taken us on the wrong side of the lake ;-(
Anyway we were going to catch him and pass him. Sounds simple but... On the second beat, there was suddenly a bit of noise and a J-22 tacking within two feet of our intruments. Oops, I guess they were on starboard and we are all glad that they were looking at where they were going. Here we go for a 360. Back on line when I am told that 360 is not enough and that a 720 is needed. Go merry round and by now Claude is way in front. We almost came back to beat him to the line but missed by a few yards.

I think everyone had fun and I believe Taichiro will now look for a sailing club in Japan. He wrote with a big smile "Fight Wasabi" in Japanese characters on the boat before we closed the day with a picture of the team. (Will be posted as soon as received)